Wildcard SSL Certificates with Certbot + Cloudflare

If you use Cloudflare for your DNS, Certbot makes it easy to get a wildcard SSL certificate with automatic DNS verification. A wildcard certificate allows you to use one certificate that is valid for all subdomains on your domain (i.e., example.com, wiki.example.com, files.example.com). Using the Cloudflare DNS plugin, Certbot will create, vali...

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Configuring a Cisco 8841-3PCC for FreePBX, 3CX, etc

Cisco makes two different groups of IP phone - one using Enterprise Firmware and the other using Multi-Platform Firmware (sometimes referenced as 3PCC - third party call control). Phones using MPP/3PCC firmware are relatively easy to get working with alternative PBX systems like FreePBX or 3CX. I have several of the Cisco 8841-3PCC phones conne...

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