2019 MacBook Pro + Radeon 5500m Issues

This post is to document a handful of issues I’ve experienced with my 2019 MacBook Pro surrounding the GPU.

System Specs

  • Mac: 2019 16” MacBook Pro
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M
  • Monitors: Dell U2718Q 27” 4K (x2)
  • Dock: CalDigit TS3 Plus


  • Laptop runs hot and fans kick on.
    • Eventually, the GPU may fail.
  • iStat Menus shows “Radeon High Side” power draw at ~19 watts.

Forum Threads

  • Massive MacRumors thread is the main thread on this issue.


This appears to be caused by buggy drivers. After restart, identical monitors will connect at different refresh rates (30hz and 60hz). Use a tool like SwitchResX or RDM to force the monitors back to 60hz. Radeon High Side power draw should drop back down to 7-8 watts.